Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

"I'm really nervous about my headshots because I don't think I'm photogenic. Is there something you can do to help me?"

Absolutely. So many people who get their headshots done are not confident about taking them. I am so glad to inform you that I specialize in this. Headshots are actually easier than people think. I will be fully directing you so that you get the absolute best results. I always say if you want the best headshots all you have to do is trust me fully.

"What Should I wear?"
Once you are officially booked meaning you've signed the contract and paid your retainer fee, you'll receive an email with tons of tips and info on how to style and prepare yourself for your headshot session.

"Oh No! My acne is really bad right now is it possible you can edit it out?"

Unfortunately I can't. Kidding! Of course. My retouching includes: Acne, Crazy Fly-Away Hair, Teeth whitening, Blemishes, or anything else that is temporary. I leave permanent things like scars, beauty marks, freckles etc.

"Can I purchase additional headshots if I decide I want more on the day of the shoot?"

Yes you can. Once you've picked the extra ones and you can pay for them at that time.

"What happens before we shoot?"

You will receive a preparation e-mail with everything from makeup, hair, and clothing suggestions. It'll also include a bunch of tips to make sure you feel and look your best by the time your shoot arrives.

"What happens after we shoot?"

You will receive a link online with your photos in it for proofing. Once you've picked the photos you want. I will retouch them and send them back to you online.
Full High Resolution.

"How long does it take to receive my headshots after the shoot?"

  It usually will take no longer than a week after you've picked your selected amount. Unless told otherwise.

"What's a headshot session like with you?"

I'm all about having fun and being relaxed. Headshots can feel like this monumental task and they're not...and my job is to show you how simple they can be. Some of the people that I have photographed have become good friends of it goes without saying I'm a very social individual. I'm either laughing or making jokes 90% of the time...the other 10% I'm yelling for you to bring your chin down!!!!! I'm a musical theatre performer I know what it's like to be in your shoes. Plus I've been on Broadway...okay well I lived on 145th & Broadway. Same thing! So come expecting to laugh and share your favorite tv shows, movies, or musicals. We will have music pumping and energy high!

"Me and some friends were wondering do you travel for headshots?"

Absolutely. We will just add in the cost of travel.