Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

"What’s a Headshot Session like with you?"

Absolute torture!!!! Kidding! :)
When you arrive we will get to know each other some by finding out your goals, interests, and some of your background in this business and where you aspire to be! We will discuss your type and what you want out of your headshots! We then go through your clothing you’ve brought and pick out what should best suit you depending on your type and what you want to convey. From there if it’s a studio session we usually discuss backgrounds and colors. We will then go over some of my tricks and techniques to help you nail your headshot and feel confident doing so…after that we do a quick warm up to get us ready to go and then we rock out. I play some tunes on the speakers and we party!
We leave Best Friends Forever!

“Can I bring my someone to my session?”

In short the answer is no. Unless you are minor bringing a parent or you have your own hair & makeup stylist accompanying it’s preferred that you come alone. I know it sounds like a cool idea to bring your significant other or friend to your headshot session for the sake of comfort, but I’ve learned in my years of doing photographing actors that…quite the opposite happens. It’s hard to be around someone we know or are close to when we are trying to work and focus. We usually get self-conscious and aren’t 100%. So it’s best to come alone.

"What should I wear?"

Once you have booked your session, you will receive an email with tons of tips on clothing and how to prepare…so that you are ready to go and feel like a superstar during your session!

“My friend and I are wanting to split a session, is this a possibility?”

Yes!!! You can both come together and rock out! There are separators in the room so you can both have some privacy while actually taking the photos this allows more focus for the actors. Check out rates for Buddy Sessions HERE

"Oh No! My acne is really bad right now is it possible you can edit it out?"

Unfortunately I can't. Kidding! Of course. My retouching includes: Acne, Distracting Fly-Away Hair, Teeth Lightening, Blemishes, or anything else that is temporary. I leave permanent things like scars, beauty marks, freckles etc.

“Does Makeup and Hair come with the headshot session?”

Only select packages come with Makeup already included. You can always add Makeup & Hair to your package if it doesn’t already include it. Ladies if you are not getting makeup done with us, we ask that you come with makeup already done unless you are specifically not doing makeup for a reason(some agents have requested no-makeup headshots before). Guys if you deal with skin discoloration or acne scarring we recommend that you at least have some light makeup done as well. More about this can be found in your preparation e-mail you receive after you book your session.

"Can I purchase additional headshots if I decide I want more?"

Yes. Extra retouches are only $35.

"What happens before we shoot?"

You will receive a preparation e-mail with everything from makeup, hair, and clothing suggestions. It'll also include a bunch of tips to make sure you feel and look your best by the time your shoot arrives.

"What happens after we shoot?"

After we shoot you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to a proofing gallery for you to choose which photos you would like retouched. The e-mail has specific instruction on how to make your selections and how to send them in. Once we receive your gallery you’ll usually receive your images within 10-14 days. The gallery will have all photos from your session in High Resolution ready for download and print.

"Me and some friends were wondering would you travel to do headshots for our school?"

Absolutely. E-mail us for custom quotes.